Why we should eat onions?

Why we should eat onions?If you only treat onions as vegetables, be aware that onions can be used not only as vegetables but also as medicines. For some, this is a wonderful medicine. It is very beneficial if used it properly in time .

Let’s go over some of the benefits of onions

1. Many people suffer from hair loss problems. In this case onion juice is very useful. Applying onion juice reduces the problem of hair loss and also makes the hair shiny.

2. Even if you have problems with urination, onions are beneficial. Drinking its juice reduces the problem of urination and benefits other stomach disorders.

3. The onion layer provides heat, it helps reduce the problem of cold. Onions are considered useful even if the nose is closed due to cold.

4. Onions are not considered to be less than any herb, it is used in many diseases and it extends life.

5. Drinking onion juice is considered beneficial in every type of stone problem.

6. If you have a joints paining problem, massaging onion juice will help.

Extra benefits of eating raw onions in summer!

Onions are considered very beneficial in the summer months. Including raw onion into a daily diet provides relief for a variety of health problems. The anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-oxidant properties found in it protect against various health problems.

1. Fight with cancer

According to the experts, red onions help to destroy breast and stomach cancer. Quercetin and anthocyanin are high in it, destroying the cancer bacteria.

2. Keeps the heart healthy

The flavonoids found in red onions help keep the heart healthy. Organosulfur is also found in excess and helps fight heart disease. Organosulfur found in onion, according to a research in Argentina, avoids the problem of heart disease. The Thiosulfinate element in the onion protects the blood from heart attacks by naturally thinning it.

Onions also control cholesterol levels. Which makes the heart healthy. According to a report by Cambridge University Press, flavonoids found in onions help to remove fat people ‘bad cholesterol’.

3. Reduces the amount of sugar in the blood

Onion sulfur (S-methylcysteine) and quercetin help reduce the amount of sugar in the blood. However, eating onions regularly with diabetes medications only works effectively.

4. Strengthens the digestive tract

Inulin, an onion fiber found in onions, helps strengthen the digestive tract. Inulin produces bacteria required for the intestine. Eating this fiber helps maintain healthy bacteria levels in the body.

Another type of fiber found in onions – oligofructose has the ability to cure various types of diarrhoea. A phytochemical element controls the risk of gastric ulcer.

Natural prebiotics found in onions also relieve constipation. Onions cause stomach upset, eliminate stomach bugs.

5. Increase in immunity

Onions contain selenium, which increases the immunity. The minerals found in it also provide the ability to fight disease.

Onions are used as a medicine in the treatment of cold cough in Russia.

6. Improves sleep

Onions contain probiotics that improve sleep and reduce stress, research has shown.

7. Healthy sexual health

In western Uganda, onions are used for the treatment of infertility and erectile dysfunction. Onions are said to particularly benefit men. Mixing honey with onion juice enhances the fertility of the male.

There are alot of benefits of eating raw onion

Amino acids are found in onions. It lowers all bad cholesterol and increases the amount of good cholesterol.

High blood pressure controlling onion consumption. This can cause high blood pressure to drop to normal.

Eating onion produces insulin in the body. This may help diabetics to eat raw onion.

The raw onion has a lot of fiber, which helps to get rid of the sticky things in the stomach.

Eating raw onion also helps in cleansing the stomach. It also benefits patients with constipation. Eating raw onion can also prevent blood flowing from nose to nose. If the blood starts to flow through the nose, the onion must be smelled.

Onions are used to get relieved from diseases

1. Stone

In the morning, drink two teaspoons of onion juice on an empty stomach. The problem of stones can be permanent with its regular use.

2. Anemia

Eating one raw onion every day does not reduce the amount of blood in the body. In addition, the nutrients in the onions also increase the immunity.

3. Common cold

To avoid the problem of stinging, coughing and throat irritation, mixing onion juice with honey should be taken.

4. Blood pressure

Methyl sulfide and amino acids found in onions help control blood pressure. Get rid of high blood pressure by eating one raw onion a day.

5. Constipation

Onion fibers are beneficial for stomach diseases. Eating a raw onion every day eliminates the problem of constipation, gas and acidity, and the digestive system works well.

6. Diabetes

Eating raw onion produces insulin in the body. A raw onion or juice consumed daily will cure diabetes.

7. Use as a hair conditioner

Wash your hair thoroughly in the bath and then rinse it off with onions water. It makes the hair very shiny and soft.

8. Anti-inflammatory properties

If you have allergies to your skin, you can get relief from the use of onion and water. For this, soak the onion in a bowl of water overnight and rinse your skin with that water in the morning.

9. Relief from insects, mosquitoes

If your home has a lot of insect or mosquito, you can use onion to get rid of it. For this too, soak the onion in water overnight and keep that water near the window, door. The smell of mosquitoes and insects do not come into the house.

What is the scientific basis?

There are various types of intoxication in the legs (around 7,000) that are linked to different organs of the body. It acts like a powerful electrical circuit inside the body but it is dormant due to wearing shoes. That is why we are advised to walk barefoot for a few hours. There are various scientific grounds for putting onions in socks before going to bed. Putting onions in socks before going to bed at night will absorb the nutrients in your skin, which will provide various health benefits.

Onions (and garlic) are known to purify the air and apply it on the skin to help destroy germs and bacteria. In addition, phosphoric acid found in onions helps in purifying the blood. But keep in mind, do not reuse the onion once used.

Importance of onion:

Slice the onion (white or red onion). Organic onion does not contain pesticides and other chemicals, it easily enters your blood during the night.

Onion’s natural healing powers work through your skin to purify the blood, kill bacteria and germs and help absorb toxins. It can also be used to purify the air in a room.

Onions have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Walking throughout the day and coming into contact with the soil, sweat causes many germs to cling to our feet, which we do not notice when cleaning. Therefore, by rubbing the onion on the legs, bacteria and germs are destroyed.

Nowadays, due to the misconduct of eating and drinking, the blood becomes unclean and we get sick. Since onions contain phosphoric acid, they help to purify the blood through the skin.

Putting onions on your feet while you sleep helps relieve the odor that spreads around and absorbs toxins and chemicals.

If the mosquito bite is red, chop the onion there. Swelling and blistering are also cured.

If the hair is falling too much, apply an onion cut into the skin of the head. Hair stops falling.

When the dog bite, grind the onion and mix it with honey and make a paste. The infection stops and you should go to the doctor immediately.

Some suffer from panic attacks. If this is the problem, put the onion on the foot. Will stop burning.

If there is an infection in the skin, apply a piece of onion to it. The infection loses. Read more