You can increase your stamina even by just standing with this easy yoga.

You can increase your stamina even by just standing with this easy yoga.

If you get tired very quickly while working or if you start breathing very quickly after working hard, it means that your stamina is low. Stamina means the physical or mental ability to perform any task continuously. Usually we understand its meaning as fitness. People use various types of drugs, multivitamin capsules, powder etc. to increase stamina. But they also have many side effects. If you want to increase your stamina safely without much effort, then we are telling you very easy or yoga.

Why is it important to increase stamina?

Increasing the stamina has become necessary in today’s time because competition is constantly increasing in every field. To be at the forefront, you have to work extra hard with people. Apart from this, there is a truth that due to today’s catering and lifestyle, people have become much sluggish than before. The faster the facilities around us grow, the faster we become accustomed to them and the physical exertion decreases. If a person does not do physical work, then his stamina is bound to decrease.

How to do this yoga?

  • First of all, by laying yoga mats, stand upright and keep a gap of 1 foot between the legs.
  • Now bring both your hands in front of the chest to pose for namaste.
  • While staying in this position, slowly bend your right leg and rest it with your left thigh.
  • In this way, the entire weight of your body will come on one leg. Keep balance during this or else you may fall.
  • While in this position, take a deep breath for 30-30 seconds and release slowly.
  • When you are tired, do the same yoga as with the other leg.
  • Do 3-3 sets of this yogasana with both feet.

Why this yoga is beneficial?

During this Yogasan your entire body weight falls on one leg. Therefore, your balance improves and the strength of your feet increases. Apart from this, almost all the muscles in your body are under pressure and blood circulation increases in the whole body, so this yoga is beneficial for the whole body. When you take deep breaths during Yogasan, the amount of pure oxygen in your lungs increases and it increases your strength by reaching oxygen cells. If you do this one Yogasan by taking time only 15-20 minutes daily, then your stamina will be very good.

This yoga is also beneficial for the brain.

If you do this yoga in the park or in the open terrace in the morning, then your body remains energized throughout the day and your brain remains active throughout the day. In fact, through this yogasan, fresh morning oxygen reaches your lungs, then your nerves become active. A good supply of oxygen keeps your brain cells healthy. Therefore, this Yogasan also protects you from mental problems like anxiety, stress, depression.

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