You should add these 5 things in diet to reduce depression and anxiety.

You should add these 5 things in diet to reduce depression and anxiety.

Often people do not understand when they are in depression. Because it is a mental illness. There are many different ways to overcome depression, which people also adopt. But in such a situation, people should know what they should eat in depression and what not. Every person needs to take care of this. Due to depression, you must take care of its cause and its symptoms, as well as eat such things in your food and drink that can help you get out of depression. Let us know such diets that can help you to overcome depression, as well as learn about such things that you should not eat during depression. Let us tell you about what you should add 5 things in diet to reduce depression and anxiety.

What to eat to relieve depression?


Yogurt is used in every household. Yogurt has many types of ingredients that the body benefits from eating. Curd is more beneficial for health than milk. It contains good amount of protein, vitamins and calcium. Eating curd relieves stress. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria are healthy bacteria found in yogurt. Both these type of bacteria have positive effects on the brain. Anxiety and stress can be reduced by taking yogurt daily.

Green tea

Often people are very fond of drinking tea and they start their day with tea. But if tea is combined with health, then green tea is the best option. Green tea contains antioxidants and polyphenols. Along with this, thiamin amino acid is found in green tea which helps in keeping your mood calm. Thiamine relieves amino acid depression.


Avocado contains thiamine, riboflavin and niacin with a good amount of vitamin B. Eating avocado is very beneficial for those who are deficient in vitamins in their body, because you can remain worry free.

Eat beans

Often people like to eat rust food. But green vegetables are considered more beneficial in terms of health. Eating beans is beneficial for people who are suffering from depression because it contains good amount of protein and fiber. Along with this, beans also contain folate, which acts as vitamin B12 and amino acids in the body.

Include tomatoes in food

Tomato is considered good in fighting depression because it contains folic acid and alpha lipoic acid. People who are in depression are deficient in folate acid, so eating tomato is beneficial.

In today’s time, every other person is a victim of depression. In such a situation it is necessary to take care of their food and drink. These 5 diet affects our body and helps to reduce depression and anxiety.