Zen Meditation to remove all sufferings for peace of body and mind.

Zen Meditation to remove all sufferings for peace of body and mind.

Life has become a race these days, where we are all running to win. If you too are troubled by running life, then stop for a moment and think if you are satisfied with the quality of life. A most common answer would be ‘no’. There is a huge difference between living and quality of life. You can have a luxury life but do you have peace of mind? It is a fine line that separates life and life. In the middle of the rat race, you look for a peaceful corner to sit for a while and review your life. For that peace and meditation, try Zen meditation. This is a centuries old practice, which can bring peace in your life. Here you can know about Zen Meditation to remove all sufferings for peace of body and mind.

What is Zen Meditation?

Zen meditation, also known as ‘zazen’, is extremely popular as a meditation practice of Chinese Buddhism. The Indian Buddha Guru ‘Bodhidharma’ started Zen, which is religiously practiced by monks in Buddhist monasteries. Many people are surprised when they see the living culture of Buddhist monks and how to obtain so much material despite limited resources. This is the reason. He specializes in peace.

Zen Meditation Benefits

It is a simple meditation technique, but with major benefits. It not only helps to calm you mentally, but is also helpful in healing physical stress and pain. This is nothing short of a solution for those who constantly deal with stress and are trying to get rid of it. In spiritual language, Zen meditation helps reconnect your mind and soul, so that you get clarity and answer all your concerns.

By practicing this meditation on a regular basis, you can also reach a state where you feel less than expected. Which means that you have reached a state of calm. This is the point when your life’s worries will end.

Zen Meditation Techniques


Asana is one of the most important factors of Zen meditation. But before that, make sure that you are wearing loose clothes. In addition, the light of the room should be cooled with appropriate brightness.

Now, sit in a full or half-lotus position, whichever is comfortable for you. If you are new to meditation and cannot sit in this posture, you will also find it easier to sit normally with the spine. Just make sure to keep the spine and body muscles relaxed.

Make a cosmic pose with your hands and maintain it. It helps to bring stability in the mind and helps you to concentrate better during meditation.

Partially close the eyes

In regular meditation, the eyes are usually completely closed but in Zen meditation, your eyes are partially closed to prevent drowsiness and increase alertness. However, focus on one point and don’t be distracted by your eyes being open.

Breathe properly

Breathing techniques are an important step in Zen meditation. In this, you only need to breathe through your nose while keeping the mouth fully closed. Focus on breathing and exhaling. To raise awareness, count your breaths.

Calm your mind

While meditating, thoughts will start wandering in your mind. All you should do is let them pass. That is, you have to let thoughts come out of your mind. Neither feel their presence nor neglect. Just disregard them neither in their presence nor neglect. Just let them pass through you so that you can get rid of all the negative thoughts buried inside you.