4 ball exercises daily for 20 minutes to get rid of back and back pain.

4 ball exercises daily for 20 minutes to get rid of back and back pain.

Back pain or back pain is one of the most common health issues in most adults. Especially back and back pain is seen more in women. Our lifestyle is blamed for this because many times wrong postures and habits cause your back pain. Now, if you are suffering from painful back or back pain, then you should exercise to get relief from it. Because exercise is the easiest way to get relief from pain. You can do some exercises with exercise ball to relieve back and back pain, which will give you pain relief. Let us tell you about 4 ball exercises daily for 20 minutes to get rid of back and back pain.

This ball exercise will help strengthen your core, improve stability and tone the arms. This exercise is a very good method for ball stretching and can help prevent damage from sitting at a desk all day. Let us tell you here 4 ball exercises, which will give you relief in back and lower back pain.

# 1. Lie back on the ball

This move is the easiest with exercise ball, in which you have to lie on the ball with your back. This helps to stretch your spine from top to bottom and reverse the natural curve of the upper back, which is caused by poor posture.

In this you lie on your back with the ball keeping your feet flat on the ground. To make it more effective, you put your hands up and try to touch the floor. Now you stay in this position for a few seconds.

#2. Lean forward with the ball

In this exercise you have to lie on the ball again, but this time in the opposite direction. That is, this time you have to lie on the ball on the chest, it helps to relax muscles and relieve back pain.

In this, you kneel in front of an exercise ball and place your forearms on the ball. Now you lean forward and release your upper body on the ball and keep your hands straight forward for stability. If you wish, to deepen the stretch, move your hands in the opposite direction.

# 3. Sit on the ball and spin it in a slow motion

This ball exercise move is excellent for your hips as it stretches both muscles in the back and hip. It is important to maintain your stability while doing this exercise.

For this, you sit on the ball and place your feet firmly on the ground and your hands on the ball. Keeping your spine straight, now turn the ball in one direction in circular motion. After a few seconds you turn in the opposite direction. But stop for a few seconds before turning to the other side.

# 4. Lat stretch

The lat stretch targets your latissimus dorsi muscle, which is the largest muscle in the body. In this ball exercise, you kneel in front of the ball and place your hands on the ball. Now you can take the ball as far as you can, and at the same time tilt your body forward.

Stop when you feel a stretch on the sides of your armpits and torso. Then you bring your chest down on the floor and stop for 10-20 seconds and then practice gently with the ball to get into the initial position of exercise.

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