4 reasons cause men to have breast cancer

4 reasons cause men to have breast cancer

All babies with breast tissue are born that contains milk ducts. However, they develop differently over time, due to which both men and women can get breast cancer. However, the risk is higher in women. Only 1 percent of all cases of breast cancer are seen in men. If you have breast cancer, you may see lumps or fatness in your breast tissue. Apart from this, you can also see something different on your chest, such as increased red color, spots, etc. Nobody knows what causes male breast cancer. Studies show that changes in your gene or hormone levels may play a role in this. If you are also thinking that if you are not in the grip of this disease, then we are going to tell you what causes breast cancer in men. 4 reasons cause men to have breast cancer which are described below.

1. Increasing age risk

As your age increases, your chances of getting breast cancer increase. Men receive breast cancer treatment at an average age of 72 years.

2.Drinking alcohol increases the risk

If you drink too much alcohol, then you have an increased risk of getting breast cancer. Alcohol can damage your liver, which strangely affects your hormone levels. For example your estrogen level may increase, which can increase your chances of getting breast cancer.

3.Health problems also increase risk

If your chest has been treated with radiation of another type of cancer, then you are more likely to get breast cancer. If you take estrogen for prostate cancer or have a testicle removal surgery for a problem such as testicle of the testicle, then you may have difficulties.

4.Genes play an important role

If your brother or sister or family has a history of breast cancer, then you are more at risk of breast cancer. Boys who are born with the XXY chromosome instead of XY have an increased risk of male breast cancer by 20 to 60 times. This condition is known as Klinefelter syndrome.

Diagnosis of breast cancer in men

Depending on your symptoms, your doctor makes a diagnosis through a combination of tests and procedures. During a chest examination your doctor looks for changes and uses his fingers to feel the lump. Imaging tests such as mammograms or ultrasound can also be done to detect cancer. You may also need a biopsy. In this process the doctor uses a needle to remove the tissue to examine the cancer cells.

Breast cancer treatment in men

Surgery for male breast cancer is the most common treatment . It usually involves a mastectomy, which removes your breast tissue and areola and any surrounding lymph nodes where the cancer has spread. Radiation therapy, hormone therapy or chemotherapy can also be used to slow down cancer cells and eliminate them.