Increase immunity with these 5 morning habits to stay away from viruses.

Increase immunity with these 5 morning habits to stay away from viruses.

These days, due to Corona virus, there is talk of boosting immunity everywhere. While pharmaceutical companies are claiming to increase immunity through their respective products. On the other hand, experts are also advising to drink ‘immunity booster decoction’ to increase immunity.  Let us tell you about how to increase immunity with these 5 morning habits to stay away from viruses.

Actually, weakened immune system is the reason for falling sick again and again. According to the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, the corona virus is affecting more people whose immunity is weak. People should drink decoction that boosts immunity. So that people can protect themselves from corona virus infection.

But here we are telling you about the natural way to boost immunity, where you can easily boost your immunity without any medicine. For this, you will have to read morning habits.

Morning habits that boost immunity

1. Walk daily in the morning

Walking in the open air every morning is one of the good morning habits. By walking in pure air in the morning, you protect yourself from problems like heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, and it also strengthens your immunity. Being strong immunity keeps you away from common cold and other bacterial and viral infections. Pure air keeps your lungs healthy. One should walk at least 5 km per day.

2. Exercise and do yoga daily

Exercise and yoga should be done for minimum one hour every morning. By sweating in the morning, all the toxic substances in your body get out and give you a healthy body. Yoga and exercise not only strengthens your body but it is also beneficial for mental health. Exercise daily also strengthens muscles and bones. Lungs are strengthened, immunity is strong.

3. Drink lemonade with honey every morning

Lemon naturally contains vitamin C. Honey contains natural sugar and many vitamins and minerals. Making a mixture of these and drinking it in the morning removes the dirt of your body. Reduces obesity. Kidney cleansing takes place. In addition, it strengthens immunity. Lemon-honey makes you feel fresh. It should be consumed regularly.

4. Must have breakfast in the morning

Never forget to have breakfast in the morning. A healthy breakfast provides energy to your body. Breakfast makes your body and mind strong. Immune system is fine. Just remember that your breakfast is healthy. Breakfast, porridge, poha, fruits and dry fruits should be eaten after soaking. Overall, such foods should be consumed that contain vitamins, minerals, fiber etc.

5. Wake up early in the morning and reduce stress

Walking in the morning, doing yoga and exercise, drinking lemonade and healthy breakfast is possible only when you get up early in the morning. All these works should do regularly after getting up before the sun rises. This will not only strengthen your immunity but will reduce your stress. Your mind will be happy. Stress can cause weak immunity.


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