‘Saaho’ accused of theft

‘Saaho’ accused of theft

‘Saaho’ accused of theft. The Hindi film ‘Sahoo’ starring South Indian actor Prabhas has not been able to get a speedy review, but at the box office, he is raving. Even the viewers who watched the film did not comment enthusiastically.

The Big Budget film received nearly ten thousand screens in India for release. And, the movie had earned around Rs 80 crore in three days and has entered the million club after fifth day of its release.

Even though the movie ‘Saaho’ of Prabhas, the weekend collection of the previous film ‘Baahubali’ could not reach even a 128 million rupees. Despite various negative comments and comments, the proponent has argued that ‘Saaho’ has maintained himself at the box office due to the brand value.

While the film is not getting the business and reviews it seems, “Saaho” has another setback. It is alleged that the film was stolen from a Hollywood film, which is the most expensive in India with Sujit’s writing and directing. Shraddha Kapoor and Prabhash starrer ‘Saaho’ have been accused by its director Jerome Salle of copying it from Hollywood’s Largo Winch.

The theft allegations were initially raised via Twitter. The Twitter user raised the question of plagiarism, saying there was a lot of similarity between the story of Saaho and the story of the Hollywood film ‘Largo Winch’. Jerome, the director of ‘Largo Winch’, has said sarcastically after learning that his movie story, screenplay has become an expensive Hindi film, saying that his career is going to be fine in India. He later said that his Indian career ranking was ironic and stated that he was not ready to be deputy to anyone.

The director of ‘Largo Winch’, who became blockbusters in Hollywood, said in another tweet, “This is the second film to be remade in focus from my film. But it was also destroyed, just like the first one. So please, Telugu director, if you want to steal my film, make it even a little bit. ‘

Earlier, Telugu director Trivikram Srinivas was accused of stealing his film from the Hollywood film director when the Telugu film was released. Now, if the allegations come true, then the question of the creation of the highly-publicized ‘Saaho’ seems to be questioned. After all, Bollywood theft has already become notorious.