Symptoms of liver cancer and know how to diagnose liver cancer early.

Symptoms of liver cancer and know how to diagnose liver cancer early.

Liver cancer is a malignant tumor in the liver. This cancer destroys all the cells of our liver. Due to which our liver stops functioning properly. It can prove to be very harmful for our health. However, the symptoms of liver cancer do not show until it increases. Due to which it becomes very difficult to find out about it. This can prove fatal for us. Here we are telling you about some important tests to diagnose liver cancer, which can prove to be very helpful in diagnosing liver cancer. So that you can diagnose cancer in time and treat it as soon as possible. Learn how to diagnose liver cancer.

Liver cancer is usually difficult to identify at an early stage. Symptoms are seen only after liver cancer increases in the body. Loss of appetite, weakness, bloating, jaundice and upper abdominal discomfort are among the main symptoms. To diagnose liver cancer, it is very important to know about the patient’s medical history. Also, this process start on the basis of physical tests. If you have been consuming alcohol for a long time or apart from this your Hepatitis B or C is infected. So tell your doctor about it.

How to diagnose liver cancer?

Liver function test: By measuring the level of protein, liver enzymes and bilirubin present in your blood, the doctor helps in determining the health of your liver.

Blood test: The presence of alpha-fetoprotein may be a sign of liver cancer. This protein usually starts forming in the liver and yolk sac before the baby is born and stops producing it after the baby is born.

Physical examination: examination of body weight loss, malnutrition, weakness, liver enlargement and related diseases such as hepatitis and cirrhosis.

CT scan: X-ray and computer technology is used to search for tumor and to know its position. Also, this process is used to create cross-sectional images of the body.

Ultra Sound: By this, liver cancer is discover and its identity is ensure. Also, it shows whether the tumors are cancerous (malignant) or cancerous (normal).

Hepatic arteriovenous angiogram: Blood vessels that are injected are detectet through this test. In which it is examine through X-ray and dye. Blood vessels that carry blood to liver cancer are test. Also, it can be ensure whether the tumor can be remove surgically.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): A technique that uses magnetic fields to find the texture inside the body. It produces more accurate images than commuter tomography or ultra sound, which is usually not require.

Liver Biopsy

Other tests for the diagnosis of liver cancer also exist such as liver biopsy. In liver biopsy, a small piece of liver tissue is extract as a sample. During this procedure the patient is render unconscious so that he can be protected from any kind of pain or discomfort.

In most cases a needle biopsy is performe. During this procedure, your doctor inserts a thin needle into the patient’s stomach and liver to take a sample of the liver tissue. Tissue samples are examine under a microscope to detect signs of cancer.

Laparoscopes can also be used for liver biopsy in which a thin, flexible tube is attach to a camera. The camera helps the doctor see what the liver looks like and allows for a better biopsy. The laparoscope is implant through a small incision in the abdomen. If a tissue sample from other parts of the body is need, your doctor may also make a large incision. This procedure is called laparotomy.

If liver cancer is detect, your doctor will find out the stage of the cancer. The stage of the cancer indicates its severity or extent. This can help your doctor determine better options and approaches to treatment.