What are the risks of blood clotting in blood vessels and how to prevent it?

What are the risks of blood clotting in blood vessels and how to prevent it?

Blood clotting is one such process of the body, which at some places is necessary to protect your life, and somewhere has the ability to end your life too. The body automatically starts the blood clotting process to stop the bleeding from injury, cut or peeling. Here if the body does not clot blood, then your blood will continue to bleed and you will die. But sometimes due to some reasons, blood flows in the blood vessels (blood vessels) of the body, due to which the blood circulation is affected. This condition can prove to be fatal for you as it can lead to unintended heart attack, stroke or pulmonary embolism.

Who is at risk of blood clotting?

People who smoke too many cigarettes, are obese or whose job is to sit in the same position for a long time are at risk of blood clotting. Those at high risk are those who have high cholesterol, are suffering from high blood pressure or whose arteries are shrinking. Therefore all such people should be careful.

What do you do to stop blood clotting?

Experts say that there are many habits related to daily life, which you can adopt to avoid the risk of blood clotting. Let us tell you what are these

Stay away from smoking

If you smoke, quit it. If you don’t, stay away from it. Also protect yourself from second hand smoking. Second hand smoking is called when someone around you is smoking, and you are drawing his smoke in your lungs through your breath.

Eat 1-2 bud raw garlic daily

Garlic is considered a natural blood thinner. Therefore, by consuming garlic you can get rid of the problem of blood clotting naturally. Eat 1-2 raw garlic daily. Also, include garlic in your diet.

Drink ginger tea

Ginger contains a special antioxidant called gingerol, which prevents blood clotting. If you have any kind of heart or cardiovascular disease, drink 2 cups of ginger tea daily. This will prove to be very beneficial for you.

Reduce salt and sugar

Neither sugar is considered good for the body nor salt. Therefore, reduce the intake of both of them completely. Sugar increases blood sugar and salt sodium, which causes high blood pressure. Processed foods and packaged foods found in the market are very high in salt and sugar, so eat only home-made food instead. You can eat fruits in sweet, which contains natural sugar.

Keep yourself active

Obesity and sedentary life also cause blood clotting. So keep yourself active throughout the day and keep working hard. Do at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. Apart from this, walk 15 minutes after eating food. Cycle in the evening or morning, play a game or do yoga. This will increase your blood circulation and will not cause clotting.

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